Why failure is the key to happiness and success in your life

Why failure is the key to happiness and success in your life

Most people try to avoid failure not knowing that it is the key to live a successful life full of happiness.
Everywhere I look I see people searching for the right path. Searching for the right words, the right way to choose, the right clothes to wear, the right things to eat, the right things to feed your child with, the right partner to stay with for a lifetime, the right way to treat others.

Stop doing that.

Failure is one of our greatest springboards to evolve. Failure lets us recognize we were wrong. It lets us realize we can change to be and do better than before. Without failure we would never feel the joy we feel climbing up the hill again. We would never see the beautiful lake. We would have never seen and felt that crystal cold water softly embracing you immersing it. If we had not taken that small little path that branched off the big central road we would have missed that beautiful experience.
There is so many of this kind in life.

If everything in life is always just fine, it sooner or later leads us to boredom, to emptiness and bitterness because it’s not our nature to stay always on track.
Failure lets us flourish like a flower after a beautiful rain feeling the sun again, growing stronger after the storm. A tree still standing after the biggest storm strengthens its roots far around so it will be strong enough to resist the bigger storm coming next.

Being right or wrong depends on the point of view

It’s not about always being right. It’s not about always choosing the right way. Because there is no right way nor is there really a wrong one. There is just this way or that way or another one. It’s only a choice you make. You’ll never know if it was right or wrong until you finally went that path. And it always depends on the view. If the view changes, change your paths. Be courageous and except that your views might change along the way. To me it often feels like each individual at one point was spit upside down into the storm of existence, without being able to know where the hell he or she is. To really find out what makes you, needs TRUST:

  • Time to try find your ways and let the little seeds grow.
  • Courage to take Risks.
  • An Understanding ally in your corner who inspires or motivates you.
  • Support by your closest ones.
  • A healthy level of Tolerance for your own mistakes.

Listen to your subconscious

A decision you make makes you go into one direction because you feel like having to go this way. There is a reason you choose this way. Trust it. Stop questioning it over and over once you decided for it. Trust your bally, your subconscious. It will guide you.

Your mind is full of internal censors that have been built out of experiences of others you heard of, of cultural, moral and of social conventions. They try to tell you what could happen if you take the risk, what others might think of you if you choose to do what you think is best for you. These censors are strong. Don’t stop listening to your censors, but never trust them exclusively. They can never tell you about the earnings that could result taking the risk. They can’t because they are based on the past and not on the future. Your future is always open.

Try to listen to your subconscious. It keeps track of so many thoughts you don’t need to always have access to. But these thoughts are there, going along with you.
Your subconscious knows what’s best for you. It is the counterpart to your internal censors. Your subconscious keeps track of your personal past experiences and pushes or stops you concerning decision making based on these experiences. You can also call it your “gut instinct”.

Don’t fear failure

Don’t be afraid of failure. Everyone fails. But this is the one thing hardly no one tells you about. Accepting failure in life is loving yourself. It is caring for yourself, being good to you and so being good to others. It’s not a shame to love and be kind to yourself. Instead it’s the best you can do. Caress yourself after having failed. Life is hard. Life beats you from time to time, so lick your wounds. But afterwards stand up, grow stronger and if you feel the necessity go a different way. There is always another way. You can never foresee the whole path unless you go one step further. One after the other. No one can and no one ever could.
You can hardly ever succeed if you have never risked anything.
Live the moment and accept failure

Every single moment will never come back. If you feel like having to do it differently, do it differently. And don’t always judge yourself for feeling the way you feel. Do things the way you think you have to do them. Trust in the fact that only YOU know best what is good for YOU.


This reading might speak to a wide audience, but especially to all the mothers out there: you are great mothers, great givers, great wifes, girlfriends, friends, truly powerful women, you’re doing great jobs. I admire you. All of you. I am so sure most of you do best with your kids because there is no one that knows them better than you. They grew in you. They are a part of you and always will be.

The same goes for you. You know best what you need. Don’t trust any person telling you what’s best for you. No one else lives your live and does know all the little details that might be important for making any personal decision that requires sensitive thinking.

As long as you are kind to yourself and let failure be a part of your life you’ll never regret your decisions. If you don’t take the time to lick your wounds you can’t evolve because you’ll lack of power and finally wisdom sooner or later. If you don’t listen to your inner voice you’ll burn out.

Be yourself – don’t justify. Live the moment. Be in it. It’ll never come back.

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